Thursday, July 06, 2006


... and with this amazing bouquet of freshly cut garden flowers from Sammy's very own garden, I take my leave. We are off to the South of France, for three weeks of sun, sea, French food, French language, French movies, French fabrics and other delights. I first thought I might occasionally drop by an internet cafe to report, but my better judgment kicked in. So this holiday I'm going solo. Without the blog. Enjoy the summer, wherever you are... and see you in August.

Crafting Report

I realized today I haven't been very good at keeping you informed of the crafting activities around here, apart from a brief appearance by Boucle the brown rabbit, that is. So here is a short summary of recent events.

First of all, there is the tote I gave Sammy, and which she graciously agreed to model for us.

It is memorable for being a) the first item I have given away (I think) (to someone else than Isabelle), b) the first item I made using the lovely checkered linen/cotton fabric I bought in Russia this spring and c) the first item which I sort of designed myself (well, apart from the embroidery, which I got from this picture, to be found in this book).

Next we have a couple of mini quilts (a la Janet Bolton/Amy Karol).

This one is directly inspired by the boat painting on our bedroom wall (I am crazy about that painting). The other one is my Russian blood singing in the birches, while the newly humid wash of life dances in the breeze. Or some such thing.