Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today is the first of very very many non-office days. I am not going to go to work until sometime in March 2008, which sounds a bit like the other end of time, and there is officially nothing left for me to do but sit around and wait for the baby to show its face.

Right. So there is what I was supposed to do today (seeking and finding all the odd ingredients for all the odd indian-sounding/kundalini yoga-inspired dishes that I shall be consuming in the days/weeks after giving birth (who knows what mung beans are, and whey grass, and where do you buy tapioca in this country????); tidying up yet another part of the ever-lasting mess that is this house; preparing for our little trip to the North tomorrow by packing a suitcase for Isabelle and myself; doing yet another baby-clothes wash; going through the baby list and the delivery list and the 40-days list and all the other lists(checking off items (this for some reason always ends up with more items having been added than removed), etc.).

Then there is what I ended up doing. Had a rather early lunch with Sam(and yes, I do think food consumed at 10:30 in the morning counts as lunch as long as a) you've been up since dawn and b) it's good Italian food). Was driven home by very kind above-mentioned Sam. Spent the rest of the day immortalizing my favourite piece of recent Isabelle art.

It was meant to be a tote. I ran out of steam after the embroidery bit. So now it's on a very ugly bit of wall. Doing its best to improve the wall's standing.