Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big brown horse, small blue horse

Crafting news II: Little bear who thinks she's a cat

This little girl actually managed to get lost BEFORE having her fancy 'I'm all done' picture taken, so you're only getting a 'work in progress' glimpse.

Crafting news I: Michael's new i-pod holder

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A tad gauche...

... but oh so cute, this little owl key-holder/pincushion.

Rainbow outside my window

Practicing Owls

Rainy Sunday doodling

Isabelle's first gyno/anthropomorphic painting

On the left, you see me ("Ik gaat jou tekenen mama, twee armen, twee benen, twee voeten, en je hoofdje, met korte haartjes, en je petit bouton op je front, en twee groooote ogen...), in the middle, Isabelle herself ("... kleine voeten, en schoenen, ik wil ook zo'n bouton op mijn front, kijk, mama, ik houd je handje vast...") and on the right Marc ("... ook twee benen, met schoenen, ... papa houdt mijn handje ook vast, dan gaat ik nu springen...").

Translation of Isabelian text:
a) I'm going to draw you, mama, two arms, two legs, two feet, and your head, with short hair, and your little button on your forehead, and two very very very big eyes...
b) ... little feet, and shoes, I want a button like that on my forehead too, look, mama, I'm holding your hand...
c) ... also two legs, with shoes, ... papa is also holding my hand, now I'm going to jump...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


- Mama, mama, nu heb je korte haartjes, net als ik... Mama, mama, heeft een paard je haartjes opgegeten, net als bij Lena Lena?
- Non, c'est le coiffeur qui m'a coupé les cheveux.
- Mama, mama, heeft de kapper je haartjes opgegeten?

- Mama, mama, now you have short hair, just like me... Mama, mama, did a horse eat your hair, just as with Lena Lena?
- No, the hairdresser cut my hair.
- Mama, mama, did the hairdresser eat your hair?

Lena Lena, by Harriët van Reek, is our hero-ess. She drinks rain-tea, swims in her bath with her goldfish, and covers the naked body of her friend Marie with twigs and leafs, because it looks pretty that way. Here is how the horse helped Lena Lena get her nail polish-covered hands unstuck from her hair, by eating most of it, in a helpful kind of way...