Saturday, April 21, 2007

Marie's new coat

Meet Marie, Isabelle's new doll. She used to be my doll, a Fisher Price My Friend Jenny doll purchased last year, second-hand, on e-bay after reading about her on Amy's blog. She came with a book of patterns for clothes, and the idea was that I'd get to 'play' with her for a few years before surrendering her and her newly sewn wardrobe to Isabelle.

The plan did not work out. Marie was spotted 6 months ago on one of the local KGB searches through my sewing-room and after a ridiculously short period of stilted lip-service to my ownership (Mama, can I play with your doll?), I just gave up. Now Isabelle and I sew clothes for her together. Much more fun. And I don't think we're doing a bad job either. Here she is sporting her brand-new spring coat and a skirt that matches Isabelle's dress.

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elianne said...

Marie ziet er gelukkig uit in haar nieuwe jas en in haar vrije leven.