Friday, October 26, 2007

fall knit #1

the fall 2007 collection includes (well, so far it's more 'solely consists of'...) this little cashmere number (wool and pattern from La Droguerie). seriously cute, though i say so myself. and i mean both the creation and the slightly puzzled-looking model.
(speaking of the model, ladies and gentlemen, we have figures at last. Antoine went for his first check-up last week, and it's official: he is a big boy. at 7 weeks, he was at least 61 cm long and weighed 5650 gr.)


Pauline said...

What is also official: this big boy totally crushes our almost-4-ymth old girl, weight-wise, that is (cute-wise remains to be discussed...). What're you feeding him, double cream? No,must be mummy's special!

elianne said...

wat een flinke kerel, en een nieuwsgierig koppie.