Saturday, January 05, 2008


my son only has two basic facial expressions. whenever he sees something (animal, vegetable, mineral), he is surprised. very surprised.

and then, after a while, he is pleased.

can you get more zen than that? the very essence of a meditative life, of a life lived in the moment: see everything as if for the first time. accept it completely and unconditionally. i have a grand master on the premises. now only the learning to do (which for some reason always amounts to more than having a master on the premises).

(more zen news: received fantastic gift in the mail from fantastic friend. timing of gift also fantastic as have just completed 40-day 'interestingly challenging' arm meditation for burning out inner anger. unfortunately, while trying to pick up an (empty) box of christmas decorations this morning, i strained my back and have been lying flat ever since. providing me with much opportunity to read the booklet, but none to sit and meditate. patience. patience. more learning to do)

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