Sunday, May 10, 2009

soupe à l'oseille

unavoidably, any attempt at recapturing (and sharing) my childhood heritage will involve food(and poetry...). first on the list, and very appropriate for the season: sorrel soup. pick approximately three large handfuls of wild sorrel (in garden, park, forest or roadside)(see here for info on sorrel, distinguishing characteristics: forked horns where the bottom of the leaf meets the stem and sour taste) (whence 'zuring'). in a small saucepan, hard-boil as many eggs as there are eaters. in the meantime, peel two largeish potatoes and throw them in soup pot together with 1,5 litre of water and two cubes of chicken stock (or, even better, 1,5 litre of fresh homemade chicken stock). put on medium-low fire until the potatoes are cooked. throw sorrel into soup, stir once, turn off the heat. put one hard-boiled (and peeled) egg in each soup bowl, mash up with fork, pour soup over egg, garnish with sour cream.

yum. yum. yum.

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