Sunday, September 06, 2009

happy belated...

...second birthday to my amazing boy, with his bike and his 'kraan', his 'Poeh-dingen' (various types), his laugh, his tantrums, his softness, his strength, his dimples, his twinkles, his auto's (some 'teine', but most 'groot!'), his books (mama lezen!), his clocks and watches (groote kok! kok zegt TING!), his wild hair, his even wilder heart, his stability, his depth, his lightness, the sunshine and power he brings to our life.

for this and much much more, thank you, Toini.


elianne said...

van harte! 2 jaar al weer jeetje..

Mirjam said...

Ja, gefeliciteerd!!
2-year-olds are great!!