Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009: taking stock

found: accordeon music, unschooling, love, new friends, recovery from burn-out, new self-nourishing practices (meditation and writing) and a multitude of insights
lost: my grand-father, a lot of money, weight, my job at the university, the burden of a heavy secret, a number of illusions (regarding my family and their ability/obligation to carry me; regarding my husband and his ability/obligation to carry me; regarding my dreams and the possibility of buying them ready-made; regarding my dreams and the possibility of disregarding them; regarding truth and its so-called relativity)
how the old year left me: leaner, more gentle, more determined, less hopeful, more truthful, more commited, less ambitious, more aware, less demanding, more tired, more flexible, stronger, more exposed, more grounded
what i hope for in the new year: to continue to deepen my connection with my people, with myself, with my work. to remain gentle, yet determined, unwilling to waste the opportunity offered in each moment, yet respectful of the limitations of the situation. to deepen and further explore my commitment to truth, to work and to ordinariness.

Happy new year and best wishes to all!


elianne said...

Jij/jullie ook de beste wensen en nog van harte.
Vind je overzicht indrukwekkend en je hebt mail!

Mirjam said...

That secret and the thing about the husband sound really really heavy! :(