Tuesday, February 09, 2010

washing the floor...

... in the style of Pippi. when i asked Isabelle whether she might in passing also wash the one spot where there was an actual dirty stain, she said: 'of course not, there is dirt there!'. 'yes, well, actually, that is kind of why i was thinking that perhaps...'. 'but mama, the dirt will get under my skates, and then they won't slide so well!'. point taken. what was i thinking????

as for Toini, he was of the opinion that 'naked and fast' was the only way. the only way, man!
(Our recipe for floor-washing-stuff comes from this book (i think), and it consists of a bucket of water, a bit of dishwashing soap, five drops of lavender oil, and three drops of orange oil. it smells yummy and fresh, and i never have to worry about the toxic effect on my little helpers.)
(... and yes, i agree that Toini needs bigger sponges. i mean skates.)

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