Tuesday, October 05, 2010

in praise of melancholy

is the title of a short chapter in Tom Hodgkinson's remarkably mind-boggling 'How to be free'. he advocates the following measures: rename depression 'melancholy' because that just sounds much better, forget about prozac and therapy, accept the human condition (we all have it. really. really. really.), and drink more beer, preferably in good company. sounds like wise advice for october. herfstbokje, anyone?


Josh said...

Yes, please. Or would you care to drink a limoncello with me, to remember the summer?

Véronique said...

oh yes, limoncello! you couldn't have thought of a better drink to remind me of this summer ;-)

Pascale said...

how 'bout a nice herfstbok on an empty beach with a) a beautiful sunset, to muse on past summer, b) socks and a warm sweater because it will be f**ing (i mean freezing, of course) cold c) a sigaret or two and d) me?

(y'know what the word verification is this time? 'parthe' fonetically spoken i'd say this is way more meaningful than the seventy-fifth line of the umpteenth post of your blog)