Monday, June 27, 2011

37 things i am loving...

...on my 37th birthday: gipsy music, chocolate cake, illegal scented roses, the summer heat, andrei zadorine, poetry, gentle breezes, swimming naked, crispy clean wind-blown white sheets, playing accordion, eyeore, baking bread, my children, dancing, adventures, new friends, inner quiet, chaos, home-made washing liquid, swooshing skirts, the unknown, french movies, raspberries, writing, men, blueberries, the rain, pakistani mangoes, old friends, the woods, high silvery grass, sex, field flowers, climbing trees, colette, women, rhubarb.

happy birthday to all of you also celebrating your mortality today!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the summer heat should be in that list? Damn it's hot! Wish you a happy birthday and a great adventurous new year!


Josh said...

een goed nieuw jaar voor jou, met veel dingen die je gelukkig maken.