Monday, February 19, 2007

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Isabelle has kindly agreed to model for us her mother's latest creation: the much-too-long, much-too-wide, very-pretty-colours-though dress.

The amazing thing about this, apart from the blinding beauty of the model, is the fact that I have actually begun, and much more importantly completed an item of clothing, my very first one. Ever. Ever. Making clothes has long been a dream (and a demon). Now it's just a hell of a lot of work, and much much fun. I love it. She's worn it all day. She only has to grow 15 cm and put on 10 kilos (without increasing the size of her skull by even one millimeter) and it will be a perfect fit.


Sam said...

hoo ha! That is one fabulous dress!!!
xxx Sam

Anonymous said...

it's beautifull, Isabelle loves it and maybe one day I can model for you too.