Thursday, February 15, 2007

Six really good things

1) Today, for the first time, I cycled to work in the morning, and from work in the evening, entirely in daylight. The sun, she is on the return.

2) Crocuses

3) This passage from Audre Lorde's essay Man Child: "I give the most strength to my children by being willing to look within myself, and by being honest with them about what I find there, without expecting a response beyond their years. In this way they begin to learn to look beyond their own fears". So true. So hard.

4) Our local organic supermarket sells large pots of Aubergines which taste exactly like the Baklazhanovaja Ikra of my childhood. Very large pots. Hhhhmmmm!

5) This book.

It's not just incredibly beautiful, it's therapy. It helps me reach the place where the tears are. Every single time I get to 'I cannot take the sky', my lip starts trembling. By the time I read 'What you know first stays with you', I am sobbing. It's all about leaving the safe places. Go figure. The engravings alone are worth it.

(I just realized if I'm going to be showing my underbelly, you are bound to find out sooner or later that I draw much of my life wisdom from books for the under-10 year olds)

6) Ssshhht! She is reading...

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