Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 120

In the Yogic tradition, 120 days after conception the soul of the child settles in the body. Before this day, the new soul is present, but it hovers around the mother and the child, sort of like an impatient house-owner checking on the progress of the construction of its house. Yogis celebrate the 120th day by offering spiritual gifts to the new soul, things to help it on its journey through life.

When I first read about this, it resonated so much that I decided to do something similar. So this past Wednesday, Marc and I both took the day off and we spent it meditating together, in the forest, among the daffodils. The way in which we were able to make contact with each other overwhelmed us both. We had not ever felt this close, this bonded, this free, this happy to just be in the presence of the other. All day we meditated in silence and out loud, letting our gifts for our baby come to life between us.

We came home and prepared the house, with some flowers and some food; and then you came, and raised what had been a wonderful day into perfection. I have no words for how loved we felt, how blessed with your friendship; the gifts you brought, the love and care and energy that had gone into them was so much we could not have handled it on any other occasion. But our hearts had been opening all day long, and we just drank it in, and are still drinking from it, and will continue to do so for as long as there is. Our common gift to the baby.

Photography courtesy of Marc

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