Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The imagination of a three year old knows no bounds

... and requires much explanation. The hairband on her head is not in fact a hairband when worn at this angle. It is a crown. For the hairband to be a hairband, it must be worn in a more traditional style, just above the ears. The blue thing on her right hand is the mouse's dungarees, doubling as a special type of bandage for fixing fingers that have fallen off (the trouser legs fit one's fingers perfectly, and the blue colour works to stop the bleeding). The box of Tic Tacs in front of her is in fact her baby's medicine, in the form of a collapsible lolly. The mint tea can only be sipped through a straw from a Moroccan mint tea glass. And that thing on her face (I don't even know what it's called) is not as you might in your innocence believe used to prevent oil spattering out of frying pans; it is a fishing net for catching multi-coloured fish in the Corridor Ocean.

I rest my case.

Oh, she has also redecorated the oven with elastic hairbands.


Sam said...
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Sam said...

Oh, to be able to travel in the train of thought that brought her to the moment you captured in this feel the rapture of living in the moment, allowing the available means to suit the purpose of every wild thought! To be three again!!!

elianne said...

de wereld ligt open voor je als 3 jarige. Wat een prachtige levensvisie