Thursday, May 03, 2007


Believe it or not, my most beautiful sewing project to date (seriously, you should see the detail on this one, me very proud), from a pattern in my gorgeous new Japanese children's clothing book

was rudely pooh-poohed by the plebs on account of it being 'just white'. Isabelle says she will not wear it unless I embroider flowers, leaves AND sheep on it. Shockingly ungrateful, don't you think?

For the record, this amazing shirt is not 'just white', it's made of a scrumptiously fine Indian cotton fabric, with vertical stripes in different shades of off-white, almost see-through, and silver. Me, I would give much to have a shirt like that (unfortunately I haven't yet figured out how to magically turn a child-size pattern into a grown-up-with-large-belly pattern) (plus, the fabric is all gone now).

There's nothing for it, my next experiment will just have to involve fabric that has first been approved. In the meantime, I'm off to do flowers, leaves and sheep...

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elianne said...

Dat ziet er prachtig uit!
Lijkt me ook weer een erg mooi japans boek.
Kun je niet in het wit borduren?