Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So I didn't make it myself. I didn't receive it from someone who made it themselves. I didn't buy it from someone who made it themselves. It is not second-hand. It is not made from organic linnen. It was dirt cheap. Because it was mass-produced. By a 'not-so-good' company. It is altogether a very politically incorrect item of clothing.

And yet... I shamelessly adore my new smock.

And so I officially pledge to wear it until it wears itself out. To use it as a model for more of the same (clearly hand-made this time, and only from recycled organic materials). To continuously love and honour it long after fashion has left it behind. To make it my 'always right' outfit. For pregnancies and in between. For summer and winter. For work and play. And all other seasons.

(ok, I guess it should be 'almost shamelessly'...)

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