Saturday, August 18, 2007

crafting craze

So maybe 'craze' is a big word, but in view of the fact that I haven't touched my sewing machine for over 7 months, the fact that I have never really taken the time to become a 'natural craftster' (whatever that is), and the fact that we are talking TWO items in TWO days, let's say 'craze'.

This is also a big first because it's my first quilt ever, and I'm quite proud of it. It's for in the baby box. Here is a view of the back.

The other item was an order from Isabelle. She said she needed a new 'pinpas', which is standard Dutch for 'debit card', and Isabellian for 'wallet'. Some might say it's inaccuracy, I say it's a synecdoche. Anyway, here it is, she chose all the fabrics and trim, and Amy supplied the instructions. Me, I just lent them my hands.


elianne said...

Oh wow, je quilt is geweldig!
In 2 dagen da's echt heel snel.( of is dat het nesteldrangeffect)

mijk said...

ik was ook zo wild bezig aan het eind van mijn zwangerschap. het leek alleen nergens naar!