Saturday, August 18, 2007

self-portrait with eye-patch

There is a tiny wound over my right eyebrow which I call the 'worry wound' because although it does not worry me, I tend to unconsciously worry it when worried, with the result that it bleeds profusely all over my clothes once every three days. Anyway, I decided to just cover it with a band-aid to give it a chance to heal.

Isabelle: Mama, waarom heb je een pleister op je oog?
Mama, why do you have a band-aid on your eye?
me: Zodat mijn wondje niet meer bloedt.
So that this little wound stops bleeding.
Isabelle: Mama, nu ben je een echte piraat...
Mama, now you are a real pirate...

Man working in our local supermarket: Wat heb jij nou op je oog?
What's that on your eye?
me: Ik ben een piraat.
I am a pirate.

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