Friday, November 16, 2007

food for thought

i was reading and thinking, two activities in which i clearly indulge too much. the result of this particular bout of cogitation is to wonder whether anyone is interested in starting a blog (yes, yet another one, clearly i am not busy enough...) about food, on which we could post our favourite recipes, in particular the ones that match the following constraints (these are obviously only my favourite constraints, anyone joining in can add and/or substract from the list, and we could make labels and categorize the recipes, ooh so much fun!):

- made from fresh produce
- seasonal
- vegetarian (or fish, need more recipes for fish) (although i wouldn't mind getting to know some new meaty dishes...)

to which you might add:

- can be made with one hand (in case my pinkie finger is otherwise occupied)
- multi-coloured (for feasting of the eye purposes)
- involving tofu (i have never made tofu and am terrified of it, and maybe hearing your battle stories will get me over my angst)

that way, next Tuesday (menu-for-the-week night over here) i can leave Jamie, Rose and Ruth to sleep on their shelf, and turn to the real life experts instead. So, who's in?


Anonymous said...

Why what is that pinkie finger of yours doing?


Pauline said...

Needless to say: Im in!

elianne said...

ehhh..heb ernstig getwijelfd maar ga het niet doen. Tijd en mijn voornemen om mijn computertijd in te perken .. heel verstandleijk

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, ik denk niet dat ik aan je hoge standaards kan voldoen...maar ik volg het project met veel interesse. Marjo