Thursday, April 30, 2009


no longer in russia, but having trouble being here: we suddenly thought, the night before flying back, that we might as well stay on in russia for two weeks or more, then swung back and forth in mind, in words, and finally got on the plane anyway, both of us unsettled, a feeling we had missed something, an adventure, a chance to dig deeper into something, not sure what, fear kicking in, insecurity, not sure of what either. a confusing space.

now here again. trying to integrate the uncertainty and the looseness. saturated, saturated and delighted, by the lushness of the green, the freshness of the air.

but unsettled still, feeling new, fragile, uncurled, unfurled. tentative. in awe too. (it has taken me three days to get up to date on the usual blogs and boy, have you girls been busy this week). unsettled (did i mention this?).

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josh said...

welcome home (missed your blog)! en sterkte met het landen