Friday, March 26, 2010


Robin is five years old. He is soft to touch, and a softie at heart. He lives at the very aptly named Stal Paradiso (with incredible thanks to Josh for finding it!), where he spends his days playing outside with his friends, strolling through the dunes in search of a cold buffet, dipping his hooves in the sea, and waiting for a visitor such as my girl. He is exactly what she was hoping to find one day.

And while she is learning (about standing up for herself and being able to communicate what she wants to another being gently yet authoritatively, about how to clean hooves, and how to read a pony's ear-language) and falling in love, i am learning too (about how to clean hooves, and how to read a pony's ear-language, about the importance of looking until you find what is right, about the pleasure of silence interrupted only by chickens, doves, and horses), and falling in love again. with my little horse-girl. and her soft new friend.

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Josh said...

Oh Véronique, wat een heerlijke foto's en wat fijn voor jullie! Alma en ik genieten er ook zo van. Donderdag hebben we het paardje dat we misschien gaan kopen geknuffeld en het liefst doe ik het dan meteen...