Monday, May 24, 2010

the hike (take 3)

Rhenen-Veenendaal West. 17.5 km (+1.5 because we lost our way) (a few times). warm and sunny day with just enough of a breeze. gorgeous best friend and boiled eggs with norwegian caviar. lots of carrots (sticks) because very good because providing fast sugars, slow sugars and fiber. two perfect pakistani mangoes.

there were rolling hills, fields of wheat (or was it oat?), cherry orchards, tame chestnuts, a magical hidden black pool where the frogs did indeed croak their (and our) desire and satisfaction, blueberries already turning slightly blue, an entire alley of red beeches, a meadow with wild(-ish) horses that came as close to paradise as any place i've ever seen, wild flowers, a lake with no water, blue swirling clouds, a young jay fallen to her death from the nest. some tears. much laughter.

i find it difficult to describe happiness. can you tell?

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Anonymous said...

ah, but this is just so.
love, Sam (of the carrot clubs)