Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer solstice

believe it or not, nobody had brought their camera. so i am left with the impossible task of describing the undescribable.

there was a bonfire, and really good food. there were marshmallows on sticks, and sweet white wine. there were children sitting by the fire, roasting peppers, bread buns, bits of paper and popcorn. there was the sun on the dune, and the shade under the poplar trees. there was the moon, not quite full, coming up in front of us. there was accordion music, and banana bread. and the sweet scent of wild jasmine (or was it those yellow flowers?).

and then, later, there was the sun setting in the sea, a bright orange ball, but red too, and purple and blue, leaving a trail on a sea so still, like a lake, like a silver mirror, like a piece of silk, the rustling kind, and there were seagulls on the surface of the silk, and naked children swimming in it, and the sunlight made their bodies shine with light, and the moon was so bright on our backs, and the air so warm in our faces, and the sky a painter's easel, casual brush strokes, this way and that.

i cannot do this. it was not like this at all. it was much much more so.

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