Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what girls fight over

isabelle and i are both dilligent, devoted and passionate foragers and hoarders of what most people would probably refer to as trash, but which we choose to think of as treasure. one of our favourite activities all times is 'dingen zoeken', which involves walking through our neighbourhood, nose and eyes to the ground, scanning the pavement for amazing stuff. once home, we divide the spoils equitably, which traditionally involves her taking whatever she fancies and me being left with the rest. but sometimes, the seven-year old in me rises to the occasion, and we get into the 'mine!' 'mine!' 'mine! i found it!' 'mine! i want it!' 'i saw it first!' 'but i picked it up!' thing.

and seriously, just look at him, isn't he simply adorable? with his cute little eye, and his colibri nose. and what about that cutest of feelers? how can a girl give him up?
(i did give up in the end. i always do. but on the condition that i could photograph him first. our 'beesie')

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