Wednesday, July 21, 2010

on the joys of procrastination

... or what happens when you don't garden in your garden. the weeds turn into flowers, the dill forgets to make leaves, the gherkins stubbornly proceed on their way to maturation, and the only real pregnant question remains: what to do with huge courgettes?


Josh said...

soup! or in muffins and pancakes as the liquid (after passing it through the blender).

Pascale said...

... the lampionbes someone planted in your garden weeks ago (next to the dille) gets pulled out ...

It would've looked like this > top right if it hadn't been identified as weed. But someone doesn't take it personally, of course.

As for the courgette: one huge ratatouille. We eat ratatouille almost everyday, cold, hot, lukewarm. Recipe from a dear friend at her birthday picnic at Sorghvliet, June 2009: strips of courgette, aubergine, gele paprika, sometimes a bit of broccoli, knoflook or a tomaatje, lots of basil and a drizzle (well, a puddle) of olive oil. 15 minutes in the oven at 180 graden celcius.

Adventurer in relative freedom said...

I roasted our enormous courgette on the BBQ - it fed 7!
I sliced it first and stuffed with slices of feta cheese and fresh mint then wrapped in foil. It needed a while on the BBQ though.