Monday, December 27, 2010


tomorrow. tomorrow we will get up before the sun. and take a train. and another train, and another train. and another train. crossing the mountains, back into the cold, the snow, the heart of winter. all the way back home.

but today. today the sky is blue as violets. the sea green as silk. the pink flamingoes are nodding their heads. and the wash is hanging out of the windows.

today it is still the south.


Pascale said...

Can't we reverse it? We get up before the sun and take all those trains through the mountains, all the way to the sun. And you stay there, so we can walk on the beach together. And we have a belated celebration of I's birthday and afterwards I wash our clothes, just for washing's sake, and I hang them outside and they will be dry after a few hours. Won't that be something? xxx

Véronique said...

too late. why do the best ideas always come too late????? xxxx