Friday, January 07, 2011


we went away for a week. to the little beach house up north that some of you know intimately. and which happens to be the only place in my universe without internet connection. a very good thing.

except... that when i am in the habit of posting daily (which i have been for some time), my mind produces posts with the required regularity, internet connection or no internet connection. and since there is no screen to save them on, these posts simply accumulate in my short-term, middle-term, and eventually long-term memory. where they form a backlog. that simply will not go away.

'so', you might say, 'why don't i just post them all when i come back?'

because by that time most (if not all) of them have become obsolete (the new year's wishes), embarrassing (the new year's wishes), inappropriate (the new year's wishes), or nonsensical, inappropriate and embarrassing (the new universe paradigm in which time no longer exists).

'well then', you might continue ever helpfully, 'why don't i forget about those and just write the post of today?'

because i can't. i can't write the post of today until i've cleared the post of yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before. and so the backlog grows. and the silence lengthens.

this has happened before. it will happen again. and it can take a while before decongestion sets in. in fact, it takes until i forget the first backlog post (the new year's wishes). i.e. until today.

hello everyone! and a very happy new year!

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Josh said...

voor jou ook een heel goed jaar! en ja, ik ken hetzelfde probleem... enige oplossing is wat meer tijd nemen en nieuwe dingen in je hoofd krijgen en meemaken. Fijn om te zien dat je er weer bent...