Saturday, January 08, 2011

flamingo wisdom

(i almost forgot to show you the flamingos...)

'So why do i need other people again?' i found myself asking a few weeks ago, on one of the solitary walks i took along the shore. 'If everything i need, all the love, attention, warmth, inspiration, joy, wisdom and encouragement that i crave, if all of these are available at all times and in unlimited supply from the universe itself, why bother with the hard work of loving people? If i don't need others, why go through the trouble of opening my heart, risking having it broken, learning to patch it up, and the rest of this whole relating business?'

that's what i asked the flamingos. because they are the birds of the heart (they say...) (... also because there was noone else to ask).

and you know what they said? they said 'just concentrate on breathing out, and the rest will take care of itself'. it took me a while to understand what they meant. but then i did. and was so very glad i'd asked.

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