Saturday, March 19, 2011


No Other Way said a rather prophetic poster on a wall a while ago. and trust you me, the way i've been trying, if there had been another way, i surely would have found it by now. but it seems the universe rests on laws that cannot be trifled with. and here is one:

the only way to make room for the new is to let go of the old

after five and a half years (five and a half years!!!!!!!!!!), i am ready, my dear, dear readers, to say good-bye to this space. you have been my good friends on the journey of life, you have seen me, heard me, supported me, held me and witnessed me, and i would not be the person that i am today if it had not been for you. thank you. for the love. for being there. take care of yourselves, and may we meet again!



Anonymous said...

That's a little abrupt!

Is that really it? The end? Where do we go from here? I'm not on Facebook, will I now be excluded forever? How am I to partake?

Feeling lost.

Josh said...

I will miss you!

Maureen said...

Wat jammer....

Anonymous said...

I always thought you'd resurrect at Easter...