Saturday, March 12, 2011

between days 3 and 4

(or how going to bed early may not always be the best option)

yesterday was rough. it started in the morning with a fine for burning a red light, moved on right through the cancelled hunt for treasure in the park to the hunt for lice on isabelle's head (those of you who are familiar with the length, curliness and thickness of isabelle's hair as well as the distance between the teeth of a nit-picking comb will appreciate that the biblical camel and eye of the needle expression had some serious competition here), a massive yeast infection, toini's 'hit everything that moves and everything that doesn't' mode, and the start of my menstruation, and ended where all such days end: in a massive meltdown.

as a result of which, and following a long communal cry, we were all asleep by 8.

... and some of us were awake again at 1 ...

so... i read about the earthquake in japan. did some work. took a bath. had a snack. read a chapter of einstein's theory of relativity (seriously, if that doesn't put you to sleep...), and a few chapters of a novel. wrote a poem. had another snack. did some more work. wrote a blog post.

please tell me again: what do you guys do with your insomnia?

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Josh said...

what i do is, go for a pee, get back to bed, lay on my left side, put in my right earphoneplug, and listen to Pema Chödrön or a good book untill i fall asleep again (i have it ready to roll by my bedside, so i don't bother anybody else in the bed). it saves me hours of wandering and thinking and not sleeping. sometimes it gives me strange dreams about people telling me things. somtimes i wake up for just long enough to take out my earphoneplug, sometimes i have listened for hours without knowing. sometimes i am awake for half an hour, sometimes for two hours, but i fall asleep again.
lots of good days, love, and good luck with the lice (a lot of cremespoeling helped here).