Wednesday, March 09, 2011


today marks the start of an exciting and scary journey. i am going to do a lent fast for forty days. in practice it means that for the next forty days, i will be following these sobriety practices:

1. Do something good for someone else every day (either financially or through action)
2. Meditate, chant or pray for at least 15 minutes every day
3. Listen to a beautiful piece of classical music every day
4. Refrain from killing (including flies, mosquitoes, etc.). (in this context, i signed up for the
30-Day Vegan Workshop) (... to get over my fly-killing habits...)
5. Refrain from saying anything untrue, speaking ill of another person and swearing
6. Refrain from bingeing, snacking, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs
7. Refrain from stealing, in the widest meaning of the word
8. Refrain from watching television
9. Be very selective with internet (am still working on a list of acceptable websites to visit, and an acceptable frequency...)

10. Refrain from purchasing anything (except the strictly necessary)

it's day one, 9:30 am, and i'm already having a really hard time. then again, maybe that's exactly when this is hardest, at 9:30 am on day one.

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