Thursday, September 06, 2007

and in between the tears...

... I find myself roaring with laughter (not so nice for the stitches...).

Every evening, Isabelle gets to watch one story from her new Fabeltjeskrant DVD. Then she replays the story (at least twice) with her puppets and the help of either Mama or Papa. Today, she got lucky, we were both available. She sits on the couch and directs us: 'You, you do the beaver and the wolf, and you can do the raven and the stork'. The story also involved an ant.

Marc: Nou Isabelle, dan kan jij Juffrouw Mier doen.
So, Isabelle, then you can do Miss Ant.

Isabelle: Ik doe geen mier, ik ga rustig mijn Danoontje eten.
I am not doing any ants. I am going to quietly eat my Little Danone.

There. That's us told.


Antoni Wojtkowski said...

Congratulations on your second child!!!!!:)

Who did you name Antoine after??

Véronique said...

Hi Antoni, thanks for the congratulations, we just really liked the name, but it certainly crossed my mind that he isn't the only one in the family to bear it :).