Sunday, September 16, 2007


tomorrow Marc is going back to school. he will leave the house at 15:30 to return around 22:00. or never. but i'm trying to ignore that possibility. that means i'm on MY OWN. WITH TWO CHILDREN. FOR ALMOST 7 HOURS. no, i'm not panicking or anything, and i know it's all about expectations management (thanks Pauline) and that means also no hidden expectations such as having them in bed before 23:00, or them being fed and clean, or me still having all my hair (thanks Sam), but i still need some rather urgent advice from anyone listening on the following point:

Isabelle goes to bed between 19:00 and 20:00 and Antoine is always awake and rather unhappy with the world between 18:30 and 21:30. now taking Isabelle to bed before 18:30 is silly, she just won't sleep. leaving her up until after 21:30 is an option which does not have my preference.

so my question is: how do I manage the 30 minutes of Isabelle's bedtime ritual (washing, story, boob) while at the same time tending to my son's daily dusk depression? any tips, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, however relevant, are a godsend. i'm all ears.


Pauline said...

Beginnen. Om 19.30. Stap voor stap. Niet voor- en niet achteruitkijken. Gewoon beginnen en vooral niet wanhopen.

En voor je het weet ben je er goed in...

Marjo said...

Ik weet niet hoe je het moet doen, maar ik weet wel dat je het kan doen. Laat de angst los en ga ervoor, met z'n drieeen en met vertrouwen!

elianne said...

Just go with the flow,
het zal waarschijnlijk altijd anders gaan dan je dacht. Soms in goede zin en soms de andere kant op.
Er is geen perfecte manier er is alleen jou/jullie manier en heel veel momenten om dat te oefenen.