Monday, September 03, 2007

the nick of time

Early on in the pregnancy I had the idea of making a Waldorf doll for Isabelle, thinking it would take a few weeks at most. Then procrastination hit in, and ten days before Antoine arrived, it was still not done. Still, I managed. Just on time. Her name was first Isabelli, but then, following a visit to Sam's house, she became Zaza. Judging by the reception she got, she was a goooood idea.

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Anonymous said...

We love this doll! Both Madelin and Sonia were green with envy. Funny that Isabelle changed the doll's name to Zasa - 98 percent of all of Sonia's dolls have been called Zasa, at least temporarily...I'm guessing Sonia must have persuaded her that it was the only really good name for a doll.
xxx, Sam