Tuesday, March 24, 2009


we've been stuck inside for a few days because of an ear infection/bad cold/hoarse voice thing that isabelle developed. the first day was spent lazing about in front of the telly, but by the end of the second day we needed something more to keep the insanity monster at bay. this lovely project appeared just on time. isabelle chose the fabrics, made the drawing, embroidered most of the big flower (leaving the rest to her minions) and sewed the whole thing on my machine (with just a little help). and of course, although she really enjoyed the making, she is much more circumspect about the result than i am. in the midst of my oohs, aahs and spastic photographing, she said: it's a bookmark, mama, let's put it in a book. it's safely tucked in het sleutelkruid now.


Mirjam said...


En ik zag vandaag Carolines breiwerk, wat leuk!

Véronique said...

en hoe gaat het met Caroline's breiwerk? (moet ik eingelijk aan Caroline vragen :))

Mirjam said...

Goed...haha...maar ja, dat moet je idd maar even aan C. vragen :o))