Tuesday, March 10, 2009

time and again

marc told me the other day that one hundred years ago it took a whole day to travel the distance between leiden and den haag. by barge and horse. we've been thinking about giving up our car (as in not replacing ours once it breathes its last breath). partially, it's the costs of course, but the more i think about it, the happier i am with the idea.

without a car, we would end up walking and cycling more (and taking more trains). without a car, we would have more fresh air and exercise. without a car, we could stop and look and smell, and listen to all that we come accross. without a car, my children could have my real attention and presence while going places. without a car, we would have memories of travelling (all car drives now seem to end up on one greyish indistinct pile of memory sand). without a car, we would often be late, sometimes be early, but never stress out about either (hmmm, a bit of wishful thinking there?). without a car, the journey would actually become part of the journey again.

and time would slow down.

plus, as sam pointed out, i would think twice before going places, and so i would end up only going where i really want to go. and staying longer once i get there. and time would slow down.

and time would slow down.

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Mirjam said...

Oh yeah ;o))))


Dank je! Ik vond mijzelf de afgelopen dagen bijzonder zielig, zonder auto...hahaha

Misschien moet ik jouw post maar als een mantra op de koelkast plakken ;o))))