Thursday, February 02, 2012


i found this. a beautiful idea. and exactly what this iron-deficient, utterly overwhelmed, recently divorced, completely stressed out, homebusiness running, pregnant mother of almost three needs: irreverent daily gratitude.

so here goes. three things that made me smile today:

- Toini pretending to fart by blowing onto his arm, and doing it so hard that he ended up farting for real. and not a little either.
- Toini being attacked by his own remote control driven robot/dinosaur/monster which he was trying to set up to attack us when we walked out of the living-room.
- the sight of both of my little ones jumping from one frozen molehill to another in a mysterious game of their own, in the middle of a freezing cold but sun-drenched clearing in the woods.

what about you? what made you smile today?

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