Tuesday, February 21, 2012

portable comfort zone

for a couple of years now, i've been getting an e-mail every day from Scott Noelle, teaching me bite by bite how to parent with more gentleness and grace. it's been an invaluable companion on many many days, uncannily hitting the nail on the head time and again, always talking about precisely that which i am struggling with.

of course it did not take me long to realise that the daily groove is not just about parenting. it applies to every bit of life, and every single relationship you might be involved in, including the one with yourself.

and today, once again, the daily groove delivered the right goods. it suggested that since it is not always possible for circumstances to keep us within our comfort zone, it might be helpful if we were to carry a portable comfort zone with us at all times. concretely, the brilliant suggestion was to take a card and write on it ten things that bring you back into your comfort zone within a few moments, including a good mix of outdoor/indoor, with/without children, day/night and at least one thing that can be done entirely in one's head.

i didn't get around to finding a card today (because i was busy taking good care of myself so i wouldn't give birth while dying of the flu) (and yes, that is a good excuse), but i thought i would share my list here.

my portable comfort zone

1) metta meditation (may I be happy, may I be safe, may I be healthy, may I be peaceful)
2) tonglen meditation (inhale pain/discomfort/fear/etc. from all who suffer, exhale spaciousness/peace/relief for all)
3) drink a large glass of lukewarm water with some drops of fresh lemon juice
4) sing out loud
5) hang upside down
6) dance or shake (preferably to music)
7) cuddle a lovely person (if available)
8) eat an apple
9) open my mouth and make whatever noise wants out.
10) step outside. breathe.
11) breathe.

What about you? what does your portable comfort zone look like?


Josh said...

1. Maak een glimlach
2. Adem drie keer langzaam en volledig uit
3. Zing over de situatie op een opera achtlinge manier ( oh, de melk, meeeeeeelk is over over over gekookt! Wat erg, wat ererererg, wat vreeeeeeeeselijk)
4. Kijk naar de hemel
5. Neem de tijd om een kop ( jasmijn) thee met melk te drinken, zet de thee als er niets meer is
6. Ga naar buiten
7. Tel mijn zegingen
8. Laat de boosheid eruit voordat hij bedorven is
9. Knuffel iemand waar ik van houd
10. Aai mezelf over een stukje bloot vel ( arm, hand, wang)


Véronique said...

dank je voor je lijst! het heeft de mijne bijna verdubbeld :-).