Tuesday, August 31, 2010


things i want to do this season:

pick apples, bake blackberry pie, make cider, go to Italy, see a good movie (on a big screen), eat chestnuts, pick mushrooms, drink milky chai, hold my sorrow by the hand, write a novel, run a creativity workshop, write one poem a day, start a women's circle, roll around in dry leaves, laugh a lot, read poetry, knit myself a hat, talk to strangers, walk in the rain, lie by the fire, look at bright-coloured paintings, sit in cafés, and find out what love and autumn have in store for me.


Anonymous said...

Sounds do-able. Don't know if "women's circle" and "laugh a lot" will go together too well though...

Véronique said...

dear anonymous, are you speaking from experience?