Monday, August 16, 2010

of mermaids and philosophers

while walking on the beach tonight, i met a man, neither young nor old, who stood by himself, looking out at the sea. he told me that he had come to the beach to read a biography of Nietzsche (he said he was interested in philosophers, but didn't have time to read them, so he figured he would read a biography, and he had found this one), but he couldn't concentrate on his reading because the sea was so beautiful. so there he stood, in real confusion, half-way between his backpack and the water, struggling. i told him if i had to choose, i would always choose the sea. 'why?', he asked eagerly. 'because she is a much greater philosopher than Nietzsche' i answered. 'oh', he said, 'maybe... but at least Nietszche wrote down what he thought, and the sea doesn't say anything'. i replied that the sea speaks all the time. 'well, what does it say then?' he wanted to know. so i told him some of her stuff. and as i was choosing what to tell him, i realized that all the insights i've had this past year have come to me from, and in the words of, the sea. she has been, still is, my greatest teacher.

and then, rather appropriately, at the Lorelei festival (of all places), i got married to myself, and regained my virginity. i tell you, i really am turning back into the mermaid i once was...

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Anonymous said...

There is a huge difference between what Nietzsche was saying and what the sea is doing. N. argued that one had to take his or her life in one's own hands and to make someting of it, while the sea asks you to be passively wondering. You prefer poetry above rationalizing and deeds , I think.