Monday, August 30, 2010


oh! what a team we were, summer, love and i.

the songs we sang, the steps we danced, the stories we told, the strings we played... and everywhere we went, the earth spread flowers at our feet. and the sky laid its silky blue shawl over our shoulders at night. we took the moon for a spin, we folded the sea into a cradle. we played hookie with the stars, and tickled the roots of trees. oh! how they shone, the eyes we looked into, how it hummed, the skin we touched. we were made of sheer magic, and spread like perfume.

but time ran out on us. sand between our toes. standing on the beach in the sunset tonight, love and i looked disconsolately at the swirling foam where summer used to sway. our empty hands still trying to hold on, hold out, hold fast... hold that which is already gone.

except they are not really empty, these hands. they are filled. with the memory of humming, and the humming of joy known. filled with gratitude too, to all of you out there, too many to mention, who helped make this summer a summer among all summers. thank you!

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