Thursday, August 12, 2010


it looks like autumn, it feels like autumn, but it's not autumn yet. there are still some goodies to be shaken off summer's tail. i am going away this weekend, for the first time in seven years, sleeping without my babies up against my flank. Sam and i are going to the Lorelei festival, and the theme this year is earth and grounding. just what i need. just at this very moment. so that the summer can settle, in preparation for autumn's work.

oh, but just imagine, 270 women. and not a single one of these

long live the sisterhood...

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Jeanette said...

Hee, daar gaat Elly van Remenixano ook naartoe met haar dochter! Ze heeft daar een kraampje ofzo met zelfgemaakte dingen denk ik zo. Ken je haar? Is ook to-minded, lief mens.

Veel plezier daar!